Foundations is a 2 day per week homeschool tutorial, providing academic resources for kindergarten through the sixth grade. Our areas of instruction include a language arts supplement, science, history, Latin, & art. Classes begin in August and continue to May. We meet at Berry's Chapel Church of Christ , 1777 Berry's Chapel Rd, on Mondays and Fridays from 8:30-2:25.


The mission of Foundations Christian Academy is to provide the highest quality education in a Christ- centered, interdenominational environment that supports and enhances the homeschool experience. The Academy focuses on the development of Christian character, worship, quality education, and opportunities for social growth in a supportive environment for its students. Our goal is to prepare our students for lives of integrity, learning, and service to their communities.


We believe that the ultimate responsibility for a child’s education lies with the parents. Foundations Christian Academy exists to encourage, enable, and empower parents to educate their child in a way that first and foremost honors God.  We believe it is a privilege to partner with parents, and our desire is that this program complements the primary education being offered in the home. We accomplish this by maintaining the highest standards in academics in a Christ-centered environment.

At Foundations Christian Academy, our desire is to capture and captivate children in a way that instills in them a lifelong love of learning. We provide an environment rich in opportunities for exploration, thinking, and learning. Realizing each child is an individual, our goal is to fan the flame of their gifts and passions, while kindling new areas of interest which may otherwise remain dormant. Instructors maintain a close partnership with parents in order to understand, encourage, and nurture their students.

We consider the developmental phases of the students and use the appropriate teaching methods for that stage of development. We do not adhere to one particular methodology of teaching. We incorporate parts of the classical approach in the grammar stage, including memorization of subject matter, particularly in the study of science and Latin. We utilize the Montessori style of using hands-on manipulatives, particularly in the early elementary division, to increase comprehension. We use living books and create an environment rich in opportunities, suggesting an element of Charlotte Mason’s method of education. We make connections for the students by integrating themes in content throughout the subject areas. Literature correlates with the history and science curricula, as well as the art curricula at times.