Kindergarten through the second grade is taught in self contained classrooms, while grades three through six study core subjects.  Our core subject areas include a LANGUAGE ARTS supplement, SCIENCE, HISTORY, LATIN and ART.  We have a committee of instructors and professionals who choose the particular books and curriculum.


Our Language Arts component utilizes literature as a springboard for comprehension and composition at all age groups. Composition entails creative writing, poetry, paragraph writing, and the formal essay. Early elementary reinforces the language art skills studied at home, while upper elementary explores vocabulary development.  Time is also be devoted to public speaking as age appropriate. As we all know, the number one fear of many people is speaking in front of groups. We provide a safe, supportive environment to begin practicing public speaking skills, while also teaching students how to be considerate, encouraging audience members. 

Note on Language Arts: It is the responsibility of parents to teach spelling, phonics, and grammar skills during at home instruction for all grades. The Language Arts program at Foundations Christian Academy comes along side to bring enrichment to your child’s language experience. The aforementioned items will only be covered in class to the extent they are incorporated in composition discussions.


Lower and upper elementary students have a separate science subject rotation. Lower elementary students rotate through a three year broader study while students in grades 3-6 rotate through 4 years of in-depth science studies. For upper elementary students, immersion in one scientific topic for an extended period of time gives students the opportunity to develop a love for the field and an appreciation for the intricacies and patterns God has embedded within it for us to discover. As with all subject areas, Science is taught from a Biblical perspective. Hands on projects and experiments are incorporated in order to give concrete understanding. 


Science Rotation Schedule*

Lower Elementary (grades k - 2)

Year 1: Earth Science, Weather, Solar System , Properties of Water, Life Cycle (frogs and tadpoles)

Year 2: The Human body, the five senses, Nutrition, food chain, habitats, vertebrates/animals, bird identification, Life Cycle (chicks)

Year 3: States of Matter, Simple Machines, Physics, Soil/plants, Insects, Life Cycle (butterflies)

Upper Elementary (grades 3 - 6)

Year 1: Astronomy/Weather

Year 2: Botany/Human Body 

Year 3: Zoology

Year 4: Physics/Chemistry


All grades study the same historical era, on a four year rotation. History and language arts will be tied together when possible to reinforce the subject matter. In addition, geography is incorporated at all grade levels.

Topics covered on a yearly rotating basis are:

Year 1: Creation, Ancient Civilization, China, Egypt, Greece & Rome (5000 B.C. to 400 A.D.)

Year 2: Explorers, Middle Ages, Renaissance (400 A.D. to 1600 A.D.)

Year 3: Early American History - Native Americans, settlers, pilgrims & early Tennessee History (1600 A.D. to 1850 A.D.)

Year 4: American History - Civil War through Modern Times (1850 A.D. to 2000 A.D.) with lower elementary focusing on modern inventions



Latin is studied one day per week, with emphasis on vocabulary and origins of the English Language, beginning in 3rd grade.

Note on Latin: Latin is essential to fundamental understanding of English, history, and writings of Western Civilization. Latin is a very systematic language, and it trains the mind to think in an orderly fashion. The study of Latin improves English skills, spelling, and vocabulary. The grammatical structure of English is based on Latin, and 50-60% of English words have Latin roots. Latin is an excellent foundation for the study of many other languages, which are also based on Latin, as well as future studies in medicine, law, and philosophy. A side benefit of Latin study is the benefit it offers when taking standardized tests.

PLEASE NOTE:  All new students entering 4th-6th grades are required to attend Latin Camp for one week during the summer.  If your child is unable to attend the camp, private Latin tutoring sessions must be arranged with our Latin instructor.  The dates vary each year, but Latin Camp is usually the end of July or beginning of August.  Location TBA.  Latin camp is in the summer and only for new 4th – 6th graders, so it is not covered in tuition.



Art is offered one day per week, beginning in 3rd grade. Creativity, Theory, and Art History will all be emphasized. Art is incorporated into the core subjects for the younger students.